Community Guidelines

Updated April 30, 2021

Community Values + Goals

We aim to be a non-hierarchical safer space where power dynamics are minimized and everyone is treated equally with the respect they deserve.

We aim to operate under an anti-oppression framework. We acknowledge that our creative technology field, and society as a whole, have been impacted by colonialism, systematic racism and sexism. We value inclusivity and will be critical of these systems of power.

We ask to please recognize your privilege, and others’ lived experiences.

Privilege – The experience of freedoms, rights, benefits, advantages, access and/or opportunities afforded to some people because of their group membership or social context. (definition from: lgbtq2stoolkit)

Rules + Behaviour

If anyone is causing harm to you / others, or you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to an admin (Connor or Patricio).

Don’t discriminate against people based on their sexual orientation, gender, race, age, ethnicity, religion, disability, class, appearance, or neurodiversity.

Use the correct pronouns for people. If you aren’t sure of someone’s pronouns, please ask. If you misgender somebody by accident, please apologize and move forward.

Don’t pressure people to contribute, be active, stay, or participate.

Don’t sexualize others.

No gatekeeping.

Sharing Work/Gigs

No posting spec-work gigs or work “contests”.

Sharing the rate or salary of the work is encouraged if you have that information, as it provides transparency and reduces chances of someone being taken advantage of.


Do not insult other people’s work. No shaming or shit-talking.

If you have to express a strong critical opinion, pointing out poor behaviour or rule violations please use “I” phrases like “I think”, or “from my experience”.

Content warnings are encouraged for sensitive subject matter. More info on Discord spoiler tags, here.


These are optional, but recommended in order to familiarize yourself to others. Also helpful for admins as we know who is here 😇 You’re encouraged to include your pronouns and/or display it in your username if you wish.


I agree to the guidelines (link to join)